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Cake Stands

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A cake stand is a useful tool for decorating, displaying and serving a cake. Stands are used for all types of celebrations, since they are both attractive and practical. The stand can help draw attention to the cake, and it can make it easier to cut and serve the cake, a task that one might find difficult on a regular plate or table. Depending on the types of stand, it can hold a traditional cake, as well as a cake with multiple layers or tiers that are separated by legs and plates. Cupcake holders are another popular type of cake stand.

Cake stands can be made of materials such as plastic, glass, crystal, or stainless steel. A simple stand might have a cover for protecting and transporting the cake. A revolving cake stand is one type of specialty stand that helps with both decorating and presentation. Many stands are sold in sets that contain different sizes; they can be used individually or stacked to create an impressive display.

A cake stand might have decorative accents, such as lighting and other embellishments. Plain stands can be decorated with items such as flowers and greenery to dress up a standard cake.

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