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Cocktail Glasses

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Hard liquor can be served in both tumblers and cocktail glasses. However, cocktail glasses feature a much wider variety of shapes depending on the specific drink, although they rarely feature the texture and ornamentation of a tumbler. They generally contain 4 ounces of liquid. A margarita glass, for example, usually features a smooth curved saucer, whereas a martini glass features a steeply sloped conical receptacle. Both glasses have long stems that distance the receptacles from the bases in order to keep the liquid inside the receptacles cool. In some cases, a margarita glass can also have a "welled" receptacle, which consists of a smooth circular top portion that leads into a much smaller, tapered base.

There are cocktail glasses which do not have stems. A cosmopolitan glass, as well as a so-called "chimney" glass, refrain from incorporating stemware. The cosmopolitan has a thick base which is joined with the main liquid receptacle so that the glass can be easily held in one hand. The chimney glass is a tall, thin glass that must be gripped around the middle. The "Poco Grande" features a shapely receptacle which mimics the hips and figure of a voluptuous woman, along with a short stem. This glass can be used for bloody marys, along with certain blended whiskey drinks.

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