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A decanter is a glass container that can be used to serve wine, whiskey or bourbon. It is common for wines to be decanted prior to serving, while whiskey and bourbon are generally not decanted by the bottle. Pouring wine into a decanter aerates the wine and softens its tannins. Depending on the type, it might need more or less aeration; heavier red wines and ports need longer, for example. A decanter is sometimes used with a funnel and, when used with a special filter, it can remove sediment from unfiltered wines.

Differences in shape can affect the extent to which a decanter aerates the wine. A wide decanter with a large bowl decants more quickly than one that is tall and narrow, since it allows more air to reach the wine. Using a stopper can slow this aeration process.

Decanters can be functional and decorative at the same time. They are usually handmade and come in a variety of designs. People often choose decanter styles based on their appearance and for their ease of pouring. Cleaning the inside of decanters typically requires the use of accessories such as special brushes, and the outside should be hand washed and dried.

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