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The Best Wine Glass

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The best wine glasses are designed to enhance the aromatic features of the wine itself. The size of the wine glass bowl, or chief liquid receptacle, varies depending on the type of wine and the country in which it is served. In Europe, white wine glasses can range up to 12 ounces while red wine glasses can hold up between 12 and 16 oz (Burgundy glasses can hold up to 18 oz).

Red wine glasses frequently have a bulge or slight swelling in the centre of their bowl. The idea is to pour the wine up to this swelling and leave the rest of the bowl empty in order to funnel the aroma of the wine up to the nose of the drinker. There are several varieties of red wine glasses, the Bordeaux and Burgundy, while a white wine glass is generally categorized as being either a chardonnay or champagne flute.

The rim of a red wine glass can vary in size, but generally speaking, it should be large enough to accommodate both the nose and the top of the lips of the drinker. Again, before drinking, a person should hold the glass up to their nose and inhale the wine, swirling as necessary. This both releases the aromas and allows the drinker to enjoy the full sculptural dimensions of the glass before imbibing.

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