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Shot Glasses

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Shot glasses may be among the smallest drinkware, but they are also some of the most interesting and varied. With an average size range of between 1 to 3 ounces depending on whether the glass is designed for a single or double shot, shot glasses can be opaque or clear. Opaque shot glasses frequently are sold as mementos of a particular drinking experience, locale, or festival. They are so easy to transport that many people collect shot glasses, whether or not they actually design to drink out of them.

Popular types of single shot glasses include the standard and marked shot glasses. The standard shot glass features a smooth cylindrical exterior. The interior receptacle tapers down with the curvature of an egg, ending in a rounded point. The marked shot glass features exterior embellishments, along with a line demarcating the recommended liquid amount to be poured into the vessel. Double shot glass design includes the "shooters" glass, which is longer, thinner, and taller than the standard. There is a single version of this glass as well, which retains the same height and thinness but decreases the depth of the receptacle.

Shot glasses should never be sipped from. Those who hold a shot glass must commit to imbibing all of the liquid therein in one fabulous, if occasionally difficult, gulp.

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